2017 Specific Purpose Tax Information Guide – Burns

The Town of Burns wishes to sincerely thank the voters of Laramie County who have been so important to the town being able to maintain a functional infrastructure through the years. Small municipalities have very few opportunities to generate funds to maintain buildings, streets, water and sewer systems, and other amenities that residents view as commonplace and necessary, so we must depend on Sixth Penny approvals as one of our few sources for the funding to maintain those amenities.

Burns has selected nine projects which are split among Propositions 5 through 9 for the voters approval. These projects include improvements and upgrades to the cemetery and to the parks, remodeling of town buildings and an addition to the Eastern Laramie County Solid Waste Disposal District building, street reconstruction, equipment acquisition, water and sewer system upgrades and extension, and emergency communication equipment purchase. A total of $3 million dollars is being proposed on the May 2nd Specific Purpose Tax Ballot for completion of these projects.

$200,000 is proposed in Proposition 5 to update the town Cemetery. These funds will be used to construct a gravel road as well as to address parking, watering issues and other needed improvements. Currently we have no real road within the cemetery, no way to water trees and other plantings, and very minimal parking.

In Proposition 6, $550,000 is being requested for remodeling, maintenance , and operations for town owned buildings. The town ow ned buildings can be as large as the town offices or as small as the public restrooms in our parks. They all need maintenance and occasional remodeling to maintain compliance with state laws as well as looking pleasant for residents and visitors.

Proposition 6 also contains $1,014,000 for completion of drainage and elevation mapping; maintenance and reconstruction of town streets. The town has two paved streets and those that are not paved are mostly in need of rebuilding. To do the job appropriately, we first need to create a drainage plan to help alleviate the flooding that some lots receive during times of heavy rains or snow melt-off and then rebuild those streets appropriately. This is an ongoing project.

Proposition 7 has two proposals: (1) acquisition of a dump truck and (2) water and sewer upgrades.

The dump truck and attachments will cost $200,000. Our current dump truck is elderly and in dire need of replacement. By purchasing attachments wisely (grader blade, etc) we will be able to use the truck as a multi-purpose vehicle to get the most for the fewest dollars.

The second proposal on Proposition 7 is $300,000 for completion of the sewer line on 4th Street. We have $250,000 in reserves from the previous 6th Penny Sales Tax. During engineering, we determined that additional funding was needed due to the depth that the sewer line has to be buried.

$50,000 is proposed in Proposition 8 for the purchase of new radios, pagers, and other equipment needed for communications. Communications are a vital part of all municipal operations, and unfortunately if you need to communicate beyond your border you must maintain and update the equipment needed to communicate with others. Our emergency services operation needs to be able to talk with multiple agencies across the county, and it is now time to upgrade all of our equipment.

Three projects are proposed in Proposition 9: park upgrades, water and sewer improvements, and the building expansion and scraper acquisition for the landfill.

First, $200,000 is being sought for improvements to town owned parks including the completion of Liberty Park. The Town of Burns has several parks used for different functions, and they all need an update. New playground equipment, fencing, and the completion of Liberty Park are in this request. Liberty Park, the newest park in Burns, will be the ultimate resting spot of our treasured piece of 2001 Steel from the World Trade Center.

The second proposal is $400,000 for improvements to town water and sewer systems as needed, to include operations and maintenance. Residents of all municipalities have a reasonable expectation of being able to take showers and flush toilets, but to provide those water and sewer facilities takes careful and constant maintenance and that is expensive. This request will allow us to complete a sewer line extension and hopefully be able to consider a small upgrade to our water system as well.

Finally, Burns has allotted $86,000 for the acquisition of a new scraper and addition to the shop for the Eastern Laramie County Solid Waste Disposal District. This project is being jointly proposed by Burns, Albin, Pine Bluffs, and Laramie County.

Once again the Town of Burns would like to thank you, the voters of Laramie County, for your valued and needed support of your fellow county residentsand past specific purpose tax propositions. It is greatly appreciated and needed.

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