2017 Specific Purpose Tax Information Guide
Mail your absentee ballot by Mon, Apr 24, or deliver it by 7 p.m. on May 2

Laramie County, and the Towns of Albin, Burns, Pine Bluffs & City of Cheyenne

Publication of election notice at least once each week for a 30-day period preceding the election in a newspaper of general circulation (WS 39-16-203(a)(i)(c)): April 2-May 1, 2017

Absentee early voting: Mar. 23 through May 1, 2017. Polls open in the Atrium, Laramie County Governmental Complex, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

Deadline for registration in advance of May 2 election (WS22-3-102(a)): April 17, 2017

Deadline to mail absentee ballots to County Clerk (recommended): April 24, 2017

PAC contributions report due: April 25, 2017

SPOT ELECTION DAY: Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Vote centers open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Canvassing Board certifies SPOT election results: May 4, 2017, 2 p.m., County Clerk's office

PAC contributions & expenditures report due: May 12, 2017

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Open House Dates and Time
March 21st at 5 pm – Youth Activities and Community Center at Romero Park
March 23rd at 5 pm – Archer Fair M building
March 28th at 5 pm – Kiwanis Community House

Representatives from agencies will be present to discuss their ballot

What Is The Sixth Penny Tax?

State law allows counties, in cooperation with cities and towns, to fund specific projects through a voluntary sales tax. Counties, cities and towns pass resolutions that include proposed projects and amounts needed to complete those projects. Voters are then asked to vote on those projects. If approved by the majority of voters, a "sixth penny" sales tax is added to your purchases. When the specific amount is collected, the tax stops.

The City of Cheyenne seeks $9 million for the construction of a new Municipal Court facility to be located at 2101 O'Neil Ave. as an addition or remodel to the City of Cheyenne's current government building. The facility would house three judges (two court judges and a juvenile judge) and administrative staff.

Laramie County seeks $9 million to remodel and expand the existing Laramie County Courthouse to provide courtroom and office space for a fourth District Court Judge authorized by the Wyoming Legislature along with building systems and physical plant upgrades.

Laramie County seeks $16,176,680 to construct an addition on the existing Laramie County Detention Center located at 1910 Pioneer Ave., for the purpose of expanding inmate capactiy, for any additional administrative space, and for updating and improving existing infrastructure of the current facility.

The City of Cheyenne seeks $15 million for The Christensen Road and Overpass Project which begins at Commerce Circle, near the I-80 and Campstool Road interchange in the center of the Cheyenne LEADS Business Parkway. The new road crosses the Union Pacific Railroad mainline, then continues north to US Highway 30. The length of the project is 1.25 miles. Constructed with the road and bridge project will be a new water main and storm sewer for drainage. The absence of the Christensen Project is a critical public safety concern. This relates to access and response times for fire, police and emergency personnel, particularly to the eastern portion of the LEADS Business Park and to the I-80/Campstool developments and nearby neighborhoods.

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Multi-Purpose Event Facility (Prop. 4)

$9,885,000 and interest earned thereon to the Laramie County Fair Board to be used for the design, construction, equipping, and furnishing of a Multi-Purpose Facility at the Laramie County Archer Complex. The proposed facility will be an open-span building that will host a variety of events year-round for both residents and visitors, including Trade Shows, Expositions, Sporting Events, RV Rallies, Concerts, and Horse and Stock Shows. The Archer Complex was purchased in 2004 by Laramie County for the purpose of a Multifunctional Campus for citizens to use and enjoy year-round.

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Proposition 5 ($11.970 million)

  • Albin housing expansion
  • Burns road, parking, watering improvements
  • Pine Bluffs electric infrastructure improvements
  • Cheyenne Street Improvements
  • Cheyenne Greenway expansion/maintenance
  • Albin emergency generators/water source
  • Pine Bluffs clean water system renovation
  • Pine Bluffs new public works facility
  • Laramie County Fire District#1 construction of a new fire station

Proposition 6 ($11.969 million)

  • Cheyenne mulitpurpose indoor turf facility
  • Burns remodel/O&M of town owned facilities
  • Albin (O&M) new water meter system
  • Burns street maintenance
  • Laramie County radio equipment/O&M
  • Pine Bluffs refurbish recreational facilities

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Proposition 7 ($14.870 million)

  • Albin replace vehicle storage facility
  • Burns dump truck and attachments
  • Albin replace parking lot at Town Hall
  • Pine Bluffs upgrade town cemetery
  • Laramie County emergency services storage
  • Cheyenne Construct Indoor Gymnasium/offices (O&M)
  • Burns 4th Street sewer line completion (O&M)
  • Cheyenne fire station improvements/fire engines

Proposition 8 ($8.848 million)

  • Albin purchase utility pickup truck, toolboxes
  • Cheyenne street improvements
  • Albin sewer line replacement
  • Pine Bluffs debt reduction
  • Cheyenne purchase land East Community Park
  • Pine Bluffs replace town equipment
  • Burns Radios, Pagers, and other communication equipment

Proposition 9 ($11,700,500)

  • Eastern Laramie County Solid Waste Disposal District purchase new scraper, shop addition
  • Laramie County enhance emergency computers
  • Laramie County Fire District #2 new station
  • Cheyenne West Edge District enhancements
  • Laramie County Sheriff video recording system
  • Pine Bluffs street maintenance/repair program
  • Albin replace existing water lines
  • Albin Community Center repairs/maintenance
  • Burns improvements to town parks
  • Burns improvements to water and sewer system

Past Sixth Penny Projects

Frequently Asked qQuestions

When is the election?
The election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2, 2017. Polls open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

How can I vote?
You can vote on election day - Tuesday, May 2, 2017 -or you can vote via absentee ballot which begins on March 23. For more information about absentee ballots, click here or call the Laramie County Clerk's Election Office at 633-4242. Click here to view a Sample Ballot.

When will this tax start and end?
The tax will start on October 1, 2017, and end once all the approved projects have been funded to their approved amount.

If approved, what will the tax rate be?
Currently, Laramie County is collecting 6 cents (which will end on April 1) on every dollar spent (except on non-prepared food). If approved, there would be a tax holiday from April to October where the tax collected would be set at 5 cents.

Will tourists pay this tax?
Yes! Anyone who purchases items in Laramie County (except for non-prepared food) will pay this tax.

How does the ballot work?
Voters will be presented with a menu-style of Specific Purpose Tax (Sixth Penny) proposals. You can vote on each proposition separately.

For more information about the 2017 Specific Purpose Tax Ballot, go to http://www.laramiecountyclerk.com/elections.aspx.

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